"I have seen the future of new jazz, and it's name is Missoni Lanza."

- David Malachowski

Missoni Lanza sings of love - lost, unrequited, enchanted and cursed. Her music evokes memories of a bygone era entwined with the present. Highly acclaimed for her phrasing and her heart-felt performances, Missoni Lanza's new music is honest, unguarded and a poignant reflection of an unquiet mind amongst a sparse and ambient sonic nest. In 2012, her original song, "I'll Always Be A Stranger," was a finalist in two categories for the International Songwriting Competition and the Unsigned Only Songwriting Competition. For the last six years, Missoni has been captivating audiences throughout the States and abroad singing jazz and her original music. She is currently in the studio working on her next album.